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In addition to the “skate on this” synthetic skating surface, we can provide features, furnishings and accessories to give you a complete artificial ice-rink system to fit your unique situation. These options include:

  • Perimeter Rail Systems
  • Perimeter Closed Systems
  • Dasher Board Systems (Regulation & Practice Sizes)
  • Hockey and Figure Skates
  • Skate SharpenersSkate Storage Systems (Portable & Stationary)
  • Rubber Flooring
  • Storage Lockers
  • Benches (Skate Changing Area)
  • Tables (Concession Area)
  • Trash Receptacles
  • Surface Cleaner Machines

Perimeter Rail Systems

indoor skating rink

This is a great looking all HDPE plastic system that can be used both in and outdoors. This versatile and economic rail system provides a secure perimeter, while the spacing between the three (3) rails allow for easy visibility from both inside and outside of the rink. The rail design also makes it easy for children as well as adults to hold onto, for that moments rest or new skater security. The system comes standard with open entrance / exits as shown.

Options available at an extra cost:

  • Perimeter kick plates
  • Custom locking gates (not shown) for public access or equipment / emergency access
Recreational rink in Rockville Maryland

Perimeter Closed Systems

Outdoor rink with dasher boards

This is a beautiful custom-designed outdoor or indoor recreational board system with clear-tempered glass, 42″ tall with aluminum handrails and a 12″ tall kick rail. In addition to providing a safe perimeter, the skater can use the handrails as a guide or to hold onto for security or rest. The clear tempered glass allows for an unobstructed view from both inside and outside of the rink, eliminating the sense of being confined and great for parents and children to keep an eye on one another. The system comes with (1) 32″ public access gate and (1) 48″ equipment / emergency access gate.

Options available at an extra cost:

  • The system’s hand rail, frame, and 12” kick rail can be provided in custom colors.
Side and entrance to skate rink
Glass rail system on outdoor rink at night

Standard Dasher Board System

hockey rink

Regulation size dasher board systems complete with glass, netting and padded goals. These systems are designed to meet USA Hockey standards and requirements.

Practice Size (Photo shown is a private installation)

back yard hockey rink

These systems are designed to accommodate a smaller space and can be used for both private and public applications.

Outdoor Recreation and Training Board System

Outdoor skating rink

A standard board system with an upper chain link enclosure, makes it ideal for both recreational skating and training with a puck.

Conventional (Real Ice) Systems

In addition to the Skate On This synthetic surface, we also provide conventional (real) ice. The system includes a complete portable or permanent refrigerated system.

For more information about these and other PMI products, please contact us today!

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